Saturday, August 29, 2009

I thought I was going to Ireland! WTF?

Well it's coming near to the end of this leg of the journey. What a trip it has been! I'm not too sure what the craziest moment was. I'm looking forward to getting back so I can get some miles on the panhead and see everyone. I'm sure the babies at my house have grown a lot since I split. I can't wait to give them a squeeze. My flight is at freaking 4 a.m. tomorrow so I guess I'll just drink till then. I spent most of the day at the vintage military shop getting a dozen custom engraved zippos done for Japan. I picked out the images and the sayings last night and some old vietnamese dude is going to spend the next 5 days engraving them and giving them the ol' vietnam era patina. I think they will turn out very cool. I thought this photo of the motorbike trailer was interesting. Not much to it. They just weld on some thick all-thread and hook that trailer up and get to work! The fish merchant was another thing altogether. It looked really cool when it passed by. I didn't see any dead fish. Did you?

Well, unless the plane crashes and I live and walk myself to civilization to let you know what happened, I'll probably put this site off until the Japan trip in December. Who knows? Maybe I'll get stuck in another jam before then. I wouldn't bet against it. See ya. g

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  1. jerk, what are you doing? i along with all of your fans worldwide want to know about the daily ongoings of the infamous outlaw biker / surfer / artiste / world traveller / girl chaser / boy lover / motorcycle builder / land developer / rock n roll man .... ladys and gentlemen...GABE GRIFFIN !!!!! hurrahh !!! applause!!! .... murmuring hum... silence.


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