Monday, November 9, 2009

This is how I get around.

I think that my car will soon be driven by someone else so I'm going to post a video of how fun it is to drive in it. You may not get the same feeling that I do when I'm running around in it but it'll be nice for me to look back in a year and play this. I have driven this car as my only mode of transport (non-motorcycle) for the last two years and thinking back, I have had many adventures in it. Every trip is interesting. I'll have to get a new and fun car to replace this one. I really don't think the 47 panel will be as interesting to drive. I really love the panel but I can only go what? 60 max with the new 3-55 rear-end gearing? I'm not into that and my trip to San Diego for Coast Guard certification was a blast apart from 43 mph down and back.

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  1. North on Ladera Vista, Left of Acacia, Right on Commonwealth, left on sould have stopped by!


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