Monday, May 31, 2010

1947 chevrolet panel headliner

I had Tran stitch up a headliner worthy of a deluxe panel. It's not done but I am very impressed with the progress up to now. Junko and the goat are impressed too.

I am adding a photo of the completed interior with t pieces attached and of the fenders painted. I need some new stainless clips to re-install the trim package and then I'm almost done with it. On to the next project. I do really like this panel. Not as much as Grant, Candy, Drews, etc., though. They own it. I'm just fixing it up for them.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chassis backstory.

This is the chassis I will be starting my build with. The frame came from Walker's Frame Shop at the 405 and the 710 freeway interchange, if I remember correctly. I purchased it a few years ago. At the time, Scott Craig and I were collaborating on a clear outer primary cover and in passing, I mentioned to him that I wanted to build a big twin trike. He told me about a frame that he purchased but returned to Walker's Frame Shop. I guess Walker is quite an abrasive fellow and Scott and he had a few words which, for whatever reason, made him return the frame. He warned me before I made the treck out to the shop that we would get in some sort of argument. I could see where Scott was coming from. Walker started out with the usual "what do you want, kid?" and "that old frame? I can't sell that." We talked a bit and he cooled off. I gave him the run-down of what I wanted to do with it and he agreed to sell it. I think I paid 750.00. As for the rear end, I bought that in a midnight deal at Negotiable Parts in Riverside. 200.00. I had seen it at Long Beach when he used to drive that box van out full of stuff. I got his card and set up a time to buy it out at his shop off of the 91 I think. I was pretty stoked to get that rear end. The chrome isn't good enough to run but it is complete. The rims are genuine servicar. Mason bought those from Ty and brought them over for the project. I think I paid 60.00 for the pair. I guess they are pretty rare and are in great condition. Well, that's my chassis story. Hope you enjoyed it.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I think I'll try one more motorcycle and I'll share it all start to finish.

I've decided to knock out the big twin trike that has been standing up against the wall in the garage for the last two years for one last run at Mooneyes and another Biker Mag cover. That's gonna be it. The next bike I do will be a living room build in front of the wood stove for the kid's college fund. I am looking forward to putting some time in with Rodney again and getting the front end tricked out with John at Banzai Machine. It won't be on such a crazy time schedule like the last but I'm sure it will have it's usual ups and downs. The frame is a stock servicar rear end section mated to a swing-arm neck and downtubes. There is significant rake on it presently but now that I have decided on a front end, Rodney can put it up on the frame table at RSD and kick it back to stock. I was considering running a Indian Chief girder but I just can't get around the single spring. Little things torture me and that spring bothers me enough to abort mission. I have decided to modify a stock early wide glide since this is going to be another 60's flashback. The rear end is a fully chromed stock unit with chain drive and hydraulic brakes. The seating arrangement is going to be totally mental. I'm stripping it down and building my idea of a perfect early custom panhead trike. I'll make my usual lane splitting tiny controls and I would like to get another gsxr master cylinder from Rodney for the brakes so we'll see what happens.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

1953 restoration

I have been in the middle of wet sanding the fenders on this damn 53' and shit. What a backache. I have hours left before I get a break. Here are some photos from the day.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

central coast run

Junko and I drove the 47 up to Atascadaro, CA for Don Coffin's birthday at the Molochs clubhouse. I packed up the panhead and we drove non-stop and made it in six hours at 55-60 mph or so. I had already changed the rear end gears to a Patrick's 3-55 set and put 16" wheels with 650-16 Cokers the day we split. What a change! I went from 47 mph with a screaming whine to 60 mph with no noticeable sound other than my windows rattling and my door handles jiggling off every hour. The bike fit in with inches to spare after leaning the 1/4 seat forward. Junko posted up in the back in a lawn chair and we rolled out. The last grade into Atascadero, the truck kept slipping out of 3rd but mellowed out on the level straights. I guess I need my syncro's synroed. We pulled in at dusk and got the bike out. Don hadn't ever seen it so I got my hands on Keith's new baby and the crew got a good freak-out on the bike. I got a few jack and cokes under my belt and we were off to Don's for elk chili and a solid pass-out on the living room floor. The morning found us back on the road and a stop off in Pismo for breakfast. We pulled off for a short nap on the grass in Seaside and back home. Lot's of fun and Junko held her own again. She's hardcore. The club guys like being around her.

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