Sunday, May 23, 2010

I think I'll try one more motorcycle and I'll share it all start to finish.

I've decided to knock out the big twin trike that has been standing up against the wall in the garage for the last two years for one last run at Mooneyes and another Biker Mag cover. That's gonna be it. The next bike I do will be a living room build in front of the wood stove for the kid's college fund. I am looking forward to putting some time in with Rodney again and getting the front end tricked out with John at Banzai Machine. It won't be on such a crazy time schedule like the last but I'm sure it will have it's usual ups and downs. The frame is a stock servicar rear end section mated to a swing-arm neck and downtubes. There is significant rake on it presently but now that I have decided on a front end, Rodney can put it up on the frame table at RSD and kick it back to stock. I was considering running a Indian Chief girder but I just can't get around the single spring. Little things torture me and that spring bothers me enough to abort mission. I have decided to modify a stock early wide glide since this is going to be another 60's flashback. The rear end is a fully chromed stock unit with chain drive and hydraulic brakes. The seating arrangement is going to be totally mental. I'm stripping it down and building my idea of a perfect early custom panhead trike. I'll make my usual lane splitting tiny controls and I would like to get another gsxr master cylinder from Rodney for the brakes so we'll see what happens.

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