Thursday, November 12, 2009

And this is how I really get around!

This is a video of Drews and I on our panheads rolling Long Beach and San Pedro. I am very proud of this clip because I don't have much footage of my friends and I riding in the areas we hang out in. Thanks to Toru, Makoto, and Shige for taking the time to work with us on this. Plus, this shows Drews on his ride to and at work which is what Drews is about-  crushing the Vincent Thomas Bridge and the Pedro docks. Drews on his green pan and I on my new version of the pan I crashed on the 405 and Seal Beach Blvd exit in '96. Music is classic Reason to Believe, track is Fr I Fl. Early musical influence for both Drews and I. 

Monday, November 9, 2009

This is how I get around.

I think that my car will soon be driven by someone else so I'm going to post a video of how fun it is to drive in it. You may not get the same feeling that I do when I'm running around in it but it'll be nice for me to look back in a year and play this. I have driven this car as my only mode of transport (non-motorcycle) for the last two years and thinking back, I have had many adventures in it. Every trip is interesting. I'll have to get a new and fun car to replace this one. I really don't think the 47 panel will be as interesting to drive. I really love the panel but I can only go what? 60 max with the new 3-55 rear-end gearing? I'm not into that and my trip to San Diego for Coast Guard certification was a blast apart from 43 mph down and back.

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