Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Not much going on. I'll work on that.

Dang. The time goes by so quick. I had to back out of the trike build. I gave the front end back to Drews and leaned it up against the wall again. I'm hoping to knock it out next year. There is just too much going on to press the 'build it in a month' button. KrylonJohn and I shot the Biker article at the AvalonBar the other day. Setting that up was a drag. Two models just decided not to show up. One was named Sunshine. She works as a dancer at California Girls. The first scheduled shoot she called up last minute with a story about seeing some girl stab another girl in the head at the club. Ok. Let's reschedule. The day comes. No show. No call. No nothing. Sheesh. Strippers. I was warned. I will say that. Fast forward a month. I put an ad out on Craigslist for a topless model. (surprising how many girls will send nude photos from a random ad) I picked two. The first was a no-show. No call. No response. Nothing. I had all the lights set up and the bike out and in the bar and I wasn't giving up so easy. I called the second girl and she shot out from L.A. in an hour. Got the shoot done. She was great and very cute and photogenic. Tall. Thin. I hope it gets cover. If so, it'll be my second in a row. Can't say for sure yet. Terese still has to sign off on it. I'm not exactly sure what I'll post on here now. I guess if the book gets done, I'll let you know where to buy it. If I finish another lamp I'll post a photo. I am working on the 53 chevrolet truck so I'll take a photo of that. See ya.

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