Sunday, August 9, 2009

an interesting change of events

Third day and i'm getting it together. I wake up around 6am and shit. There's that motorbike guy again sitting in a chair at my door. The curtain is open so he can see right when I wake up. I slowly roll over and go back to sleep, hoping he'll leave. I get a few more hours sleep and open my eyes again at 9. Damn. The guy is still there! I have got to piss badly but I really don't want to deal with this guy so I lay there for another hour in pain with one eye cracked waiting for him to make his exit. Finally I see him get up and walk away. I hear a scooter and BAM. I'm up, I take a desparately needed leak and bolt out the door. At the reception area a French guy is talking about buying a surfboard with the owner. I chime in that I want to do the same so after the customary greeting, were off. All the while I'm just waiting for the motorbike guy to come busting out of the bushes to join us. I have waited him out so I get a brief reprieve. We get a bite to eat and hit about 10 shops. I can buy a board at any of these shops. The majority on the used racks are what I ride anyway. 6'3", 2 1/4, narrow as hell. The frenchie though, of course he needs a fish, which is not too popular here and not on the used racks at all. We check every single used board rack before he finally finds a new board and gets to haggling about the price and he also gets a big-assed board bag, extra leash, rash guard, track top, etc. Good god, man. Each thing he's haggling on. Forever. Oh shit. From my seat watching this unfold I see the motorbike guy slowly riding past the shop. Damn! I pull a board in front of me to block the view and he passes. We finally get out of there and hoof it back to the hotel, drop our stuff and wait a bit. The frenchie has another frenchie coming in. This guy shows up and off we head for Kuta Beach and a break called 'halfway'. The beachbreak here on a crappy day is better than a really good day at home so we got out and there was a small crowd but not too many people bobbing around. I do need to say the local talent here is so good, it's crazy. Every section they kill it, airing out of every wave. Even the littlest kids are out there ripping. So anyway, I get a few waves and then a clean up set comes thru and I get thoroughly thrashed. My eardrum pops again and I get all disoriented. I can't see straight and it hurts like hell. I don't know if I am coming or going. I grab my board and just hope I'm pointed in the right direction. I make it back to the beach and have a seat for a half an hour or so before making my way back to the hotel around 4pm. That's it for me so I decide I need a set of good earplugs if I am going to be in the water. I fall asleep and wake up at 3am to that damn motorbike guy humming outside my door. Shit. I roll over and I can't sleep until 6am. The guy is still sitting there. He's gone when I wake up though so I get moving quick and get myself out of there. From the reception area I can see him posted up at the end of the alley so I lurk back to the rear of the hotel and hop the wall (some genius has cemented broken glass along the top of the wall so I have to be very, very careful. I would rather take a chance slicing myself up than deal with that motorbike guy. I get over and make my way to Poppies Lane and the travel agencies to inquire about the ferry to Lombok and Dili, hoping to get over to Lakey Peak. Inside one of these agencies I run into a really nice Columbian girl named Carito who looks so much like my old girlfriend Danielle that it is almost creepy. Fortunately Danielle was very beautiful so Carito and I decide to go off and have a drink and discuss our travel plans. She's travelling alone thru Indonesia also. Before we part she tells me she is paying 14 dollars for a room with hot water, ac, a beautiful pool, etc. and she says there might be vacancies. We go by and there are no vacancies but out of nowhere she offers to split the room with me. Off I go to get my stuff. That first night I dreamt I was on speed and as I stood over a sink in a dirty old house, I watched pincher bugs crawl out of the skin on my forearms. In my dream I was thinking "hmm, this is what it's like on speed?" I had also picked holes in my face too. I woke up with a big mosquito bite on my cheek. Little did I know the bottom was about to drop out on me.

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  1. Sounds like you need to trade in your pea coat and rain boots for a pair of super duper earplugs and a box of condoms


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