Friday, February 27, 2009

I have left the Bounty and I don't like it on land!

So I left the Bounty Thursday morning. Caleb drove me to the Clearwater airport where I picked up a rent-a-car which I drove to Orlando. I caught a flight to Seattle and my Sister, Terae picked me up and took me to our parents house. In the morning, my stepmother, Teresa, and good Aunt Corina piled into the mercedes and we three drove out to downtown Seattle to hunt down that Custom Ford LTD, in the hopes of making an offer on it. After driving around a while, we found the house and unfortunately, no owner home. I did get more photos of the car, though. Enjoy the 4 switches, hydros, Daytons, detailed frame, and I even saw a plaque on the dash for the 35th L.A. Roadster Show Entry. This car is the bomb but is slowly being lost to the elements. I also saw a 65 micro deluxe vw bus one block away in another driveway rusting. Great neighborhood! 
I need to rent my two empty rooms back at home before I can sign myself away for the trip across the Atlantic. It's odd just dropping into what amounts to a tiny apartment with 10 people you don't know to learn a trade that nobody else but you and this group cares to keep alive. As difficult as it might be, you get used to the rhythm of the ship and the characters you see 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You get attached to the same faces you know will be in the galley looking for a chess game or to another one late for the morning capstan meeting without shoes...again. I can count the number of times on my hand that I left the St. Petersburg pier during the three weeks aboard and while away, I was usually trying to think of reasons to go back on board. I know that I need more work up on the yards and although I read about the rigging and lines till my head just about exploded, I really can't get it right unless I have my hands physically on the rigging and am pointing out where lines go while standing on deck trying to shake the right line to knock off the noisy birds. I guess I had better post photos of my rooms on Craigslist and get these people paying rent so I can get back to my friends in Florida...Viva Le Swamp, Eh?

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