Sunday, November 6, 2011

more bar progress

Mason and I put in a couple days last week and now the front entry is done as well as the storage room wall and ceiling and bathroom blocker wall. (before you could see the person walking into the bathroom from two feet away if you were sitting at the back booth. not my style. I want my distance.) The bathroom sink piping was re-plumbed by our friend Punker Ron so I could put in the corner sinks. I tore into the wall and am in the middle of the shitty job of sanding the drywall patch. I am doing my best but does it usually take six passes of mud to get it smooth? I think I shimmed the drywall board a hair too high. Eh. Whatever. It'll look fine. I'm hoping to find someone to help with the laying of the laminate for the countertop. I need to buy the t.v.'s and vcr's and set up the sound system, get the cooler and ice machine repaired and finish building the armrest, footrest, drink rail and get to polishing the floor. And also buy alcohol. And weld up the legs for the front driftwood bench. Got to order a credit card machine, wireless internet, get glassware and towels and soap and paper towels and fill the condom and dirty photo machines and the underwear machine. Sheesh. By Friday? Well, here it goes.

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  1. h-bomb can fill up the dirty underwear machine for you.


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