Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trike done. Bar next. Starliner after that. Then movie.

Man, that was a TRIP! I probably should have passed on the trike build but it's Shige's 20th and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to show some respect and love to the Shige-san and Mooneyes so goodbye sleep, hello hell. Oh! Where to begin and where did it end? As far as the last post goes, that was two days before delivery. I was able to get everything done but starting and riding the night before delivery. Poon, Grant and Drews were nice enough to join Rodney and I for the first kick. It lit but started flooding pretty bad so after a while everyone split and I buttoned a few things up and figured I would take care of the starting and riding before I loaded it in the net day. Carlos let me borrow his truck in the a.m. and we got Drews bike in the back and delivered no problem. We then shot over to Rodney's place and I put new oil line clamps on all of the lines and tilted the carb up a bit and tightened it down. One kick and it lit and idled like I had never changed a thing. (Ralph at Mesa Cycle had recently done a full split-case rebuild and I had not fired it since it went back together) The thing was idling sooo nice and then BAM! An oil line was resting against the pipe and I didn't see it. It burst all over me and the stuff behind me and jesus. I jumped! I shut it down and ran to the hardware store for some more oil line and replaced it before loading it in. It looks like I'll be riding this one for the first time again in Yokohama behind the Moon Cafe the day before the show. Sometimes, that's how things go. I put the word out to the Japanese homeboys that we'll be wrenching the day before and they're stoked to have a hand in it and I'm stoked that it's coming together this way. I get a kick out of finishing something like this but to share it this way with the guys who live and breathe motorcycling like we do but on the other side of the earth...sheeeeit. THAT is cool and that is what it is really about. The photos are of Drews and I the day of delivery.


  1. Working under pressure is fun....ugh. looks killer cant wait to see it in person.

  2. Nicely done Gabe. Your trike and Drews' flathead look amazing. I can't wait to see more pics and look forward to see you riding it.


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