Monday, March 8, 2010

the panel hit a roadblock.

Damn. I worked on the panel all day, trying to get the exhaust manifold back on but after surfacing the thing, it refused to line up! I called Mason, resident genius and mechanic to lend a hand. After some drilling and banging, he grabbed the big pliers to twist out the stud and sadly, it snapped off way back in the head. Oh man. Not good. We took a few days to consult a psychic and were told to drill it out and run a tap so that's what we are gonna do. Until then, I have been painting and laying weather stripping into the door jams and getting ready to install the restored suburban seat, re-pop floor mat, and headliner. I'm hoping to have the dash and rear door jams painted this weekend. Last photo is of a favorite person at a favorite bar. Local Carpenter Extraordinaire and all around good guy Ross Morgan at the AvalonBar.


  1. are you painting the door panels of the rattle van with a rattle can?

    ladys and gentlemen........GABE GRIFFIN !!!

  2. its gettin there, keep up the good work.


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