Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh man. Now what?

Ah, the delicate touch of Mason Byers has brought me to this low, low place. Here are a few photos of the tap broken off in the head, where not a week ago, the stud got broken off. I'm not sure what else we can stick in there to break off but if anyone has any ideas, i'm up for suggestions.


  1. what happened, tap bottomed out and snapped?

    I'm sure you guys have already thought about this but:
    -tape off those intake and exhaust ports-
    -grind the remainder of the tap in the block flat
    -center punch
    -hardened drill bits (no HD specials)
    ...get a couple of both the bits and the easy never know

    once you have the tap drilled for the easy out, fire up the OA torch or MAP torch, warm the area, and put some marvel oil on the tap, let it cool, it'll suck that oil into the threads and make life easier on you.

  2. use a snap ring plier in between the reliefs of the tap lube the shit out of it and use some pliers on the snap pliers it works sometimes

  3. We'll try those before we get the torch out.


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