Sunday, February 28, 2010

47-53 chevrolet suburban front bench seat

Ha! After a long wait and many dead leads, I have scored the seat I wanted for the panel truck. This suburban bench has a small seat on the passenger end that leans forward. I want it so I can roll the panhead in and edge it that much further forward for a perfect fit. Off to the sandblaster and then to Tran for a nice diamond tuck in pleather. I paid 350.00 for the set as seen here. I also scored a set of 16" black steel wheels for the panel. I bought a set from a guy right when we got there for 100.00 with chev script caps and told him I would be back for them in a bit. Offhandedly I said if he could sell them for 200.00 before I got back, we would split the difference. I get back a few hours later and the guy has packed up all his stuff for the night and split. I walked the aisles for two hours because I couldn't figure out which space was his! I finally figured it out and he had left me a note saying "sold your wheels for 140.00. Had to go but will have your 120.00 tomorrow." Seriously? We were not staying the night since it was pretty obvious it was going to pour that night so now what? I went back to our space and Joe had spotted another set of wheels with a couple of useable tires in the north 40 for 100.00 so we hoofed it over and I bought those. I left a note on the guy's note with my phone number. He got a hold of me the next day and promised to send me the money via snail mail. Whatever. The t-shirt on the other hand is the score of the day! It is for a long forgotten band out of Seattle, Washington. I bought 4 shirts. Chris got one, Jun got one, I got one and one is stashed away. All in all not a bad Big 3 this year.

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