Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Clear Outer Primary

Scott Craig and I put our heads together and, with the help of an aircraft windshield maker friend of mine, hand vacuum formed 12 of these clear big twin outer primaries. This was a fun project but sadly I got the short end of the stick and only ended up with one for all of my effort. I still have that one cover in the garage. It was fun working with that machine and cutting out the forms on the bandsaw. They turned out great: that I remember. We took them to Japan and I don't think we sold even one there. We were sure they were going to be a hit. (kind of like the lighters! Ha!) They eventually ended up at some shop of Scott's in Echo Park where they got lost or were stolen or something to that effect. Either way, it was a cool experience with a cool product for the scene. I wonder where they all ended up?


  1. I have one in my garage, putting it on My next chopper, earlyshovel friscostyle. Will send you pics when it's done if you like.

    Robin, Stockholm, Sweden.

  2. i want one is possible? let me know luca.pizzano@gmail.com


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