Friday, November 26, 2010

I found some new stuff going on...very excited.

First off, the 47 panel has passed on into other hands now. A guy and his dad came by and showed the cash so off it went. They were old chevrolet truck guys so it went to a good home. They mentioned leaving the two-tone primer job so keep an eye out. In it's place is a 1960 Ford Starliner. Very nice. I got it running and did the brakes up, had the worst of the rust dealt with and all of the trim is out at the polisher/chromer as you read this. Juwan has it so pray for me. I'll be cloning the late, great starliner, 'THE GALLEON'. Those of you in the know remember this grand chariot crushing the streets from Fullerton to Huntington and all points in between. Built by Joe Kennedy in '95, it was sadly sold to some rockabilly goof who stashed it in a garage until he hit the lean times and sold it to a car shop who completely tore it apart and made a SIMA sympathy wagon out of it. I'll be slapping a nice white paint job on it. Top to be bronze. White leather interior. Astro supremes to be sure. The Undertaker will be putting the brush to it at some point. The beautiful LeBaron is now officially for sale. 2k for that incredible machine.

Secondly, I have a new guitar from my friends at Hidecore Leather. All class.

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