Sunday, June 6, 2010

New 'old' glide front end ready for modification...

Thanks to Mr. John Candy Edwards for the shaved and filed wide glide trees. He put some hours into these, that is evident. That saves me time and allows me to put more time into the lower legs. The trees were 200 bucks and that is a fine deal. He also put two sets of lower legs into my hands. One an untouched and stock set and one that has been turned down. I want to take material off of a set but need to make sure that the turned set has enough meat left. I'll mic the stock set and put that up to the turned set to tell me the difference. Stuff those into the lathe and see where we end up! I can't wait. I have had a springer and a narrow glide. This is my first wide glide and I think they look good if they are done in the style that I prefer. Stripped and lowered is what I like. Engraved would be nice but I can't afford it on this build. (or can I?) Rodney and I had lunch yesterday and kicked around the neck de-rake and seat frame construction. Stretch, if you read this, please compile some tank-molded-onto-frame trikes and choppers for me, will ya? I need some points of reference on the tank.


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