Friday, April 2, 2010

panel progress

Here are some photos of the shop where I spend my days at and of the panel with it's newly restored and apholstered two-piece suburban bench seat. I have two openings on the floor under the seat where I need to add plates so I can mount the suburban seat correctly. The seat's mounting bracket drops into this hole. I went to IMS metals in Irvine and spent an hour digging thru the remnant pile and ended up just going up to the front and buying a new sheet of 26 gauge for 67 cents a pound. They wanted to charge me 24 bucks for three cuts on the shear! DAmn! I'll take it to Banzai Machine tomorrow and use his shear. There is a nice view of the recently painted dash also. It looks like I am going to need to remove the head and take it to a guy in Santa Ana who removes broken studs and taps. A drag but it will give me a chance to spice up the engine compartment a bit more. / So the shear was too weak at Banzai so I had to go back to IMS to cut the plate and damn it if it isn't just barely off and a centimeter too big. Figures. That and Rodney has my hand grinder. My template sucked. That will teach me to measure twice before having something cut. The guy at IMS gave me the Saturday price. 3 cuts for 10 bucks! Alright!

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  1. Gabe the panel is looking great! Keep up the good work!


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