Monday, May 25, 2009

Finished gas tank for the panhead

Here's the finished product. The tank was an original Hap Jones that I had Pokey lower the tunnel a few inches on. John Candy shot it in fine silver flake. I then took it and adhered recycled glass to it. After that I covered it in surfboard resin and then 5 layers of clear. It is crazy. I got the idea from an old David Mann painting. I'm not going to give the exact painting away but it's a good one. The story behind the seat is this: Duster, member of The Heathens now but in different clubs thru the years since the late 1960's shared this priceless tale with me in Sturgis while we were filming the documentary. Duster is no nonsense, loud, funny and has lived the club life and only the club life the last 40+ years. I'll try to tell the tale but when you watch it it's gonna be a thousand times better. So Duster has just gotten home from Vietnam. It's 1968 or 9 and he's around 20. He's out putting around on his panhead and pulls behind a local bar, midday, just looking to kill some time. The entrance is around the front so he puts the bike out back and starts off around the corner of the building. Down the sidewalk towards the front of the building, two cops are ratpacking a Satans Slave who is handcuffed and on his back on the sidewalk against the wall. Duster casually walks towards the scuffle and kicks one of the cops in the face and knocks him out. The other cop grabs his gun but is too close to the slave's boot. The Slave kicks him in the face and knocks him out. So now it's Duster standing there, a Satans Slave on his back in handcuffs and two unconscious cops laying on the sidewalk. Duster grabs the handcuff key off of one of the cops and unlocks the Slave. They split to the Slaves clubhouse and Duster doesn't come out for three days. That's three days of chicks, drugs and what else. Why did he get involved? "Two on one," he says. "It wasn't a fair fight." Sweet.


  1. pretty wild! i have been finding lamps like this around lately. Seems like you know the deal with them. I have been told they are called "meteor lamps" but haven't found much info. picked up 2 really weird ones at a swap in oakland a few weeks back. Just wondering if you have some more background knowledge on this stuff...

  2. That seat should bum any member of your local fuzz. That design is too funny even down to the long haired biker with 60s jeans! Awesome!

  3. I guess that's what you do when they don't make Metal Flake big enough for you.

  4. what is the documentary?
    i would like to own it.
    your bike slays.


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